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The War Rooms
The War Rooms is series of prints which describe a science fictional London in 2050 in which all of its expensive energy networks have been abandoned and replaced with decentralised and agrarian alternatives. The science fictional scenario presented and the subsequent urban strategies proposed address the challenges the UK faces regarding energy security and fuel poverty. The series speculates on the hypothetical consequences of a future where the many risks associated with the UK’s long term energy strategy come to bear. Sited in St. James’s Park, The War Rooms introduce an institutional framework for agrarian reform inspired by the Garden City Movement and Ebenezer Howard.

Ned Scott

Ned is a recent graduate from The Bartlett School of Architecture where he received a Masters in Architecture with distinction. His final project,The War Rooms, was subsequently published in The Architectural Review and on the cover of Blueprint Magazine. Ned’s work is inspired by the interpretation of cultural, social and environmental programmes and often adopts speculative narratives to challenge and re-imagine the function and utility of certain aspects of cities.

OPENING NIGHT: October 11th. 6pm-9pm, Maybe a Vole: 51 King Henrys Walk N14NH

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