Text Rings: ₤85.00- ₤110.00. Handmade stirling silver band, set with a piano key.  The text rings are secret messages – each number represents a letter and the text currently on there are extracts from the novel ‘Madame Bovary’ – Gustave Flaubert. ( A= 1, B= 2, etc…)

Vintage Brass Sphere Locket on silver or brass chain  ₤45.00                    Cornelian Lens Necklaces ₤90.00

Ivy Nixon’s whimsical designs are informed by her insatiable interest in the narrative potential of the objects that surround us. Many of her designs reference long forgotten symbolism, which was so popular in Victorian jewellery. Through her designs she explores themes of romanticism and adventure, hoping to evoke memories, and create new ones for her customers. Ivy Nixon is based in Newington Green, London. 

Available here: http://maybeavole.bigcartel.com/artist/ivy-nixon 


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